Stock Market Charts for Technical Analysis

Real Time Charting – How Important is it in Market Timing?

Forget the news, remember the chart. You’re not smart enough to know how news will affect price. The Stock Market Charting already knows the news is coming. For a real stock Technical Analysis make sure to get real-time stock charts if you trade often. The stock market charts should automatically update themselves. You should also be able to see bar charting that show at least two-minute intraday price action.

What is Stock Market Charts?

A Stock Market Chart is a sequence of prices or volumes plotted over a specific timeframe. In statistical terms, stock charts are referred to as time series plots. An investor who plots information about share prices and trading volumes on a stock chart, looking for patterns is a Chartist.

Investors, technical analysts and chartists use stock market charting to analyze and forecast future price movements. Any security with price data or volume data over a period of time can be represented by a stock chart for analysis.

While technical analysts use real time stock chart almost exclusively, the use of stock market chart is not limited to just technical analysis. Because stock chart provide an easy-to-read graphical representation of a security’s price and volume movement over a specific period of time, they can also be of great benefit to fundamental analysts.

Investors, technical analysts and chartists use stock Market chart to analyze and forecast future price movements. Any security with price data or volume data over a period of time can be represented by a stock chart for analysis.

Be aware of using free real time charting; try to understand why some of the providers support you with free charting tools and who pays them for it.

What should you ask before using a Stock market Charting tools for your Market Timing System?

Be sure that the chosen by you charts for the technical analysis are in accordance with the questions below. Otherwise a provider that gives you those charts is running behind the time. The modern hardware and software resources allow to satisfy all of them:

  • Does the chosen stock market chart work in real time or with some delay?
  • Does the stock charts update automatically themselves or you have to refresh it each time?
  • What is the minimum and maximum time scale of your stock chart, does it has intraday timeframe? One-minute intraday chart must be available and it would be nice to have at list one-year scale.
  • Does the historical stock chart available and how far can you scroll?
  • Can you see the volume on real time stock chart together with price?
  • Does the stock chart have moving average of price and volume moving average?
  • Does the percentage view of price is available on your stock charting?
  • Can you zoom in and zoom out in time?
  • Can you easy navigate the stock chart? Does it have navigation lines? when you move cursor does it trace values of Open Price, High Price, Low Price, Close Price and Volume?
    Is an alert system available on your stock chart? Is it sound or email alert?
  • How many stock market charts can you open at the same time?
  • Can you print your stock chart for analysis?
  • Does the chart demand an upgrade your hardware or software?
  • Can you access your stock market chart from anywhere where the Internet is available or you can do it only from your working computer?
  • Is it easy to use this stock chart? Does the provider of chart support you with chart school, chart help or some kind of other information how to use it?

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