AMEX Stock Exchange Description

The alliance of technology and people is a hallmark of auction market trading, and the AMEX has been a pioneer in market innovation for nearly a century.

Today at the American Stock Exchange, specialists, traders and brokers use the world’s most sophisticated, advanced technology to enhance trading efficiency and reliability for the investing public.

AMEX technology improves customer service for all of the auction market participants each step of the way. For listed companies and their investors, our state-of-the-art trading ensures trading fairness. Member firms receive instantaneous order processing and reconciliation. Electronic display books greatly assist AMEX Specialists in maintaining efficient and liquid markets, resulting in narrower spreads for customers.

AMEX Stock Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

The American Stock Exchange’s Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Marketplace includes ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and iShares such as, DIA (Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking Stock, QUBES), DIA (DIAMONDS), and SPY (Select Sector SPDRs). Listed and traded in the Marketplace is an entire family of ETFs – index-based investment products that let you buy or sell shares of entire portfolios of stock in a single security. Pioneered by the Amex, these unique financial products combine the opportunities of indexing with the advantages of stock trading. With ETFs based on broad-market, sector and international indexes, you have a wide range of investment opportunities. You have the ability to establish long-term investments in the market performance of the leading companies in the leading industries in the United States, or you can custom tailor asset allocations using a range of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) to fit your particular investment needs or goals. You can hold ETFs based on a broad-market index as a core investment, for example, then use additional ETFs to increase your exposure in sector and/or international index performance.

AMEX Stock Exchange History

In 1995, the AMEX became the first U.S. stock market to maintain a presence on the world wide web, offering a site rich with comprehensive data on our listed companies, options, derivatives and capital markets products. We link, the exclusive, automated service for our listed companies, offers potential investors and shareholders a range of information on every AMEX stock.

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